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Four Month Update ACDF Surgery

Today I met with my surgeon to review the latest x-rays. I’m happy, and relieved, to report that I am pretty much healed. Two of the four vertebrae have fused already, and my surgeon has no concerns about the hardware. While waiting in the patient room I overheard the nurse practitioner, who had met with me just prior and performed a physical exam, say, “He looks phenomenal!” and my surgeon, quite proudly, responded, “And he’s a four level!”

X-Rays Taken December 16, 2022

My surgeon commented, “I should have used longer screws on you.” That gave me a bit of pause but he said no concerns. He has a great, dry sense of humor. I have no idea if he was kidding with me or not.

After getting home I’m feeling a sense of relief but also, I’m just tired. I’m tired for the first time in a while. I think because I overdid the exercise last night (yoga class followed by almost 2 hours of pickleball!). But also I think I’m just a bit in shock that this is all behind me. I’m back to, overall, being very healthy. My blood pressure was 121/88, which I have no doubt was slightly elevated due to the traffic getting to the surgeon’s office.

Things could still go sideways but it’s highly unlikely. With that, it’s time to get on with my life. The last couple of months have been great. I’m confident 2023 will be as well. I’ve been doing physical therapy and it has helped relieve muscle tightness in my neck and traps but I think I’ve exhausted the benefits I’ll see from it. I still have minor aches in my posterior neck muscles, particularly when laying down at night, which give me trouble sleeping for long stretches. I need to find a decent pillow. But hey, I’m not complaining. Life is good.

My next x-ray and follow-up appointment is six months from now.

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